Hello all, as many players are aware over the past year or so OSGP has sharply been crashing in value, at a drastic rate, as a result we are making some significant changes to the value OSGP donations hold from the 31st January 2024.

From this date above to try and realign the value of the store & OSGP donations, 10m OSGP will be worth 25 Bonds and 25 Rank on Battlescape, bonuses will still apply for donations of larger amounts as they did before. We have attempted to hold off on this as long as possible however, with the current market value, and plans for future content we want things to be as level as possible.

Until this date we will still be offering the current rate, you can donate via myself or Palidino.

Date of change ~ 31st January 2024
New rate ~ 10m OSGP > 25 bonds & rank.
Bonuses will apply based off the donation amount as before.
XEI & the Management Team.