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    Dec 2023
    Trying to figure out good monsters / skills to farm any and all clue scrolls and keys for chests. Any help provided would be great, what has been best for you?

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    Sep 2021
    Hey there,

    Crystal keys are a good source for a random chance at any clue scroll as a start..

    Easy Clues - Low level mobs drop them fairly often or can resort to catching and looting Gourmet implings for them (I think 1/25 chance?).

    Medium Clues - Barrage/Chin Dagganoths in catacomb for a good chance for them or kill battlemages in mage arena as they drop them fairly often, else resort to catching and looting Eclectic implings (found in Puro Puro + there's a plugin to highlight these implings for you).

    Hard Clues - From high level slayer + hellhounds have a good chance to drop them or catch and loot Dragon implings.

    Elite Clues - Commonly found by doing bosses such as Olm and ToB.

    Master Clues - Random chance to get them from opening a clue chest from the aforementioned difficulties or a also crystal keys/enhanced crystal keys would drop them but kinda rare.

    Alternative Method: Catching and looting Lucky Implings from Puro-Puro for a random clue reward (random rate from all clue difficulties).



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    Oct 2023
    When you combine the crystal keys with crystal shards i find the clue scroll chances are even better ��

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