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Phantom Muspah
- Muspah has been released. A teleport can be found under the boss teleports. Please note that this is an unsafe solo boss encounter.

- The emoji plugin has been added! It is defaulted to on, but can be turned off in the settings.
- The keyboard bankpin option in the bank plugin now works.

Santa Hat Creations
- Santa hats can now be combined with some items to create an untradeable and irreversible alternative item.
- Santa hat + royal crown: festive games crown
- Santa hat + jester hat: festive elf hat
- Santa hat + any partyhat: Wise Old Man's santa hat (always blue partyhat appearance)

In other News
- The Christmas shop has been updated with the missing items from more recent OSRS events.
- 50 snowballs are now given for completing your daily skilling task.
- Staff can now start raids using the home CC.
- The missing Barbarian Assault gear has been added to the vote shop.
- Fixed boss tasks not giving snowballs.
- Fixed the abyssal dagger special attack bar not displaying its changed information.
- Fixed an issue involving the GE tax and items sold in quantities greater than 1.
- Fixed some issues involving drops from monsters found in the catacombs.
- Fixed the phoenix pet idle animation.