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Phantom Muspah News
- Muspah is reaching final stages and staff now have access for testing!

Mobile Updates
- Mobile changes will require re-installing the app to avoid crashing!
- Changed the press/hold for the right click menu from 600MS down to 300MS.
- Fixed hills/ground height variation being much larger than they should be.
- Fixed the update timer not displaying.

In other News
- Muspah fixes for wrapping up beta.
- The Nex altar has been changed to work like OSRS: 10 minute cooldown, and if you have a Zarosian item equipped, your prayer, HP, run, and special attack will be restored.
- Updated the world map.
- Fixed ingame vote claiming without having to re-log.
- The bank will now be taller in resizeable modes.
- Larran's key is no longer protected on death.
- The creepy shop has been given a layout to make it easier to navigate.
- The magic cape now has an option for the arceuus spellbook.
- The crystal of meilyr can be used to remove color from crystal armour.
- Fixed never being logged out of PvM combat inside of the wilderness if you disconnect.
- Added a confirmation to vesta's longsword for paying the 50M activation.
- Small reduction to the chances of cursed monsters dropping superior items.
- Key halves will no longer drop for monsters under 25 combat.