December Weekend Events

Prizes for each weekend event winners are - 150 In-Game Bonds or 30m OSGP

Events, as always will run from Friday 8am EST to Sunday 8pm EST. Winners will be announced on the BattleScape Discord channel "#Weekend-events" within 48h of the conclusion of the weekend's event. Event progress can be checked via the in-game hiscores board found east of home.

Friday 1 December - Sunday 3 December

Most Slayer Boss Drops
Winner: Th3truduckie

Head back over to Nieve this weekend, select your boss task and get to bossing! Don't like your boss task? It only costs 2 vote tickets to cancel it and get another.

Friday 8 December - Sunday 10 December

Boosted Boss Kills
Winner: Iron Jumpy

We have something nice and competitive for the first weekend this month! The player who gets the most boss kills with the boss being boosted, won't only get a chance at a rare unique from the boss but will also take home the prize. The boosted boss changed every 1 hour and can be seen under "events" in the quest tab. Good Luck Gamers!

Friday 15 December - Sunday 17 December

Most tournament Wins
Winner: Barni and OG Irondeath

Get into the tournaments whenever they are announced, and get yourself some juicy kills and points! Each win counts towards winning the weekend, the person(s) with the most wins by Sunday will receive the prize! Good luck Gamers!

Friday 22 December - Sunday 24 December

Most Bloody/Bloodier Keys
Winner: RED

Here's one for our PvP Enthusiasts. Prep your teams for battle against others in the Wilderness as you try to gather as many keys as possible. Who knows what lies within the locked chest? It could be the elusive Elysian Spirit Shield, or it could be some (not so) juicy Torag's Hammers. Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Friday 29 December - Sunday 31 December

Announced Drops
Winner: Unba5

This weekend's event doesn't require much! Grab your gear, head out to some bosses, and start camping. The player who's name appears the most time with announced drops not only gets the satisfaction of the drops, but will take home the event prize as well!

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck in this month's events everyone!