Added a boss kill log to the PvM tab.
Added the multi-combat, doors, and ladders inside FFA.
Added Catalytic and elemental rune packs to the free item shops which give 1000 barrage casts and 100 vengeance casts.
The combat quest tab will now display your current killing spree, highest KDR, and highest spree.
Continued improvements to following.
Actions such as clicking objects no longer happens when you're moving toward them but still at a distance.
Killing a player with BM on them will now drop half of their BM to you.
Wilderness bosses now drop 2k BM.
Adjusted the untradable BM prices.
Added 5k BM to the starter.
Soon to be released bonds for $2.99 will be tradable and can be exchanged for 150k BM.
Fixed the Corporeal beast.
Fixed monster auto-retaliation.
Fixed coloring Slayer helms without the ability being unlocked.
Fixed many smaller bugs that have been reported.

Killing Sprees
For every kill after 2 without dying, you'll receieve an additional 250 BM (500 for target kills) times the number of kills in a row, not counting the first two kills. This maxes out at 10 kills or 2k/4k BM (8 * 250 or 8 * 500).
Killing a player with a killing spree of atleast 3 applies the same rules, which can stack.
Unlike normal BM reward checks, your killing spree will only increase and you will only be rewarded bonuses for kills during your killing spree if you haven't killed that player in your last 5 kills.
Ending a players killing spree reward follows the normal BM drop rules.