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Phantom Muspah News
- Muspah is reaching final stages and staff now have access for testing!

AFK Shop Changes
- Additions: trailblazer agility kit, shattered whip/tentacle kit, elder maul kit, ballista kit and robes of ruin.
- The shop has been re-organized into exclusive, kits, fashion, and misc.
- Holiday items have been removed from the shop.

In other News
- Dark totems can be purchased from the vote shop for 2 tickets and 25 ancient shards.
- Mind talismans have been added to the skilling shop.
- Completing the quests will reward small XP lamps.
- Sotetseg (HP event) has had it's HP raised to 3K.
- Gelin has been added to the donator zone and sells some pet transmog items.
- Fixed animation smoothing plugin while fighting the wilderness bosses.