Hello Scapers!

I felt like it was needed to get some type of tutorial out there to get people started with their (normal status) BattleScape account.

We start off by exploring BattleScape. you can find a detailed home area guide here: https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...*Updated-2021* (Thanks Xei!)

Now once you get familiar within the lands of BattleScape, the first thing you probably want to do is voting, voting sounds a hefty job, but it takes you 2 minutes of your time and rewards you greatly with;

- 8 voting tickets (if you voted both links)
- a skilling mystery box with skilling supplies.
- one bond you can spend on relics or gear/supplies in the bond store, you can access the bond store by going to Capn' Bond at home or using the quest tab and click on the bond icon.

Now in order to vote you can simply type ::vote in the in-game chat or go to the vote poll booth and click open voting. if both do not work, go to the BattleScape website and click on vote on the top left corner.

Once you have voted on the two available websites, you have to relog your account. So go ahead, and relog your account.

When you log back in you will notice a chat message saying you have been rewarded for voting, please go ahead and look into your bank.

You will find the 3 mentioned before items in your bond pouch or bank/inventory, now its up to you to save, spend or sell them, but the way I went I actually spent the vote tickets and got me some gear when I just started out, the picture above state which shops you have to use if you wish to spend your currency.

Now you can go for simple upgrades like:

Fire Cape
Fighter's Torso
Rune Defender
Barrows Gloves
Mage Arena 1 cape
Ava's Accumulator
Void set (with 20 vote tickets)

Particularly, the Defender and Fire Cape are good upgrades, along with a void set you have some ready-to-go PvM gear.

Now that you have set yourself up with some great starting gear, it's about time to actually do something in the world of BattleScape.

I want you to go to the quest tab, there you will find ''Training Days'', now ''Training Days'' will give you an Abyssal Whip, 5 million gold gippers and 45 dragon bones to use for early prayer levels.

Now I will not post the full to-do list as this will take up all the space, but it is pretty straight forward and quite easy to manage.. instead follow this guide! https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...nts-Guide-2024

Once you have training day done, you should have some cash and gear to get around with, starting yourself out might be different, but I'll state how I managed to get around.

- Going to the revenant caves killing Revenant Imps, Revenant Goblins and Revenant Pyrefiends. Be careful, this is in the wilderness, you will lose items if you die.
- Going to the Barrows Brothers Minigame
- Starting the Slayer skill immediately for the helm and Coin Pouch drops
- Hunting clue scrolls for rewards and money.
- Constantly checking the Pawn Shop for easy gear upgrades and/or flips.

Eventually, if you progress further you could seek into things like killing The Corrupted Hunllef, Vorkath, Zulrah or even Chambers of Xeric.

Just by telling you these ways, there are actually loads of great guides out there that go more in-depth on teaching you how to overcome and master the world of BattleScape.

If you've gotten this far reading, I want to thank you alot that you took the time to actually read this, and I hope you will develop faster and better in early-game stage.