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- Oziach can now revert the infernal max cape.
- Ring of life has been added to the ironman equipment shop.
- Fixed dragonhunter crossbow (orn) PvP death behaviour.
- Bounty hunter hats have been added to the BM shop.
- Voidwaker has been added to the BM shop.
- The wild HP event has been changed to Sotetseg.
- Changed the locations of where you enter into the wild bosses to match OSRS.
- The group boss event has bad additional times added on.
- Some event times have had minor changes.
- Zulrahs scales, crystal shards and revenant ether have had bond quantity reductions.
- The upper donator zone has been changed to dragonstone+.
- Changes have been made to start preparing for the Christmas event later down the road.

In other News
- Phantom Muspah has been in the works, keep an eye out for a new boss soon!