1. Game Update [6th October]  - 10-06-2023 #1

    Apr 2020
    The following updates are now LIVE! Join us on Discord to see what's coming next.

    Wilderness Changes
    - Artio, Spindel and Calvar'ion have been added to the wilderness.
    - Your loot will be dropped instead of a key if your opponent isn't in the wilderness or is dead.
    - Inventory loot keys are lost on death on double deaths.
    - Rev cave agility shortcuts can no longer be used when bound.
    - Wilderness untradeable repair costs have been raised.
    - Magic attacks can now damage Callisto.
    - A positive magic bonus will guarantee a freeze on Callisto.
    - Fixed/improved singles+ and BH targets.

    In other News
    - Clivet has been added at home and will exchange barrows items for their sets.
    - Improved the Nightmare pet drop rate from 1/4k to 1/1.6k.
    - Added the stop the wyvern slayer reward.
    - The Fight Cave Jad now has a 1/200 chance of giving you the appropriate slayer helmet.
    - The Zuk now has a 1/100 chance of giving you the appropriate slayer helmet.
    - The clue hunter outfit has been added to the AFK shop.
    - in hybrid/NH tournament, armadyl has been replaced with masori.
    - The voidwaker has been removed from the main tournament mode.
    - The Kalphite Queen now drops the dragon pickaxe.
    - Weapon poison potions can now be mixed.
    - Devout boots now count toward Saradomin God Wars aggression.
    - Fixed the advanced interface settings crashing mobile.
    - Updated the Olm pet drop system to match other pet drops to fix issues with not always getting the pet.
    - Daily tasks have been tweaked to make sure hunter is included at 99.
    - The skilling shops now carry talismans.
    - The creepy crawly clue box prize has been reduced to 400 points.

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