October Weekend Events

Prizes for each weekend event winners are - 150 In-Game Bonds or 30m OSGP

Events, as always will run from Friday 8am EST to Sunday 8pm EST. Winners will be announced on the BattleScape Discord channel "#Weekend-events" within 48h of the conclusion of the weekend's event. Event progress can be checked via the in-game highscores board found east of home.

Friday 29 September - Sunday 1 October

Most XPs
Winner: Phosani

We have something nice and laid back for the third weekend this month! The player who gains the most Experience overall will take home the prize. Experience can be gained through just about anything in-game from killing monsters to skilling. Good Luck!

Friday 6 October- Sunday 8 October

Most Corporeal Beast Drops

This weekend, the corporeal beast takes the spotlight with players fighting to get either the pet or the nostalgic and sought after sigils!

Friday 13 October - Sunday 15 October

Boss Kills
Winner: Lounger

This weekend, all bosses are in the ring! The player that slays the most bosses will take home the event prize!! Remember, certain bosses require a slayer task.

Friday 20 October - Sunday 22 October

Announced Drops
Winner: Turbogun

This weekend's event doesn't require much! Grab your gear, head out to some bosses, and start camping. The player who's name appears the most time with announced drops not only gets the satisfaction of the drops, but will take home the event prize as well!

Friday 27 October - Sunday 29 October

Boosted Boss Kills
Winner: Letier

We have something nice and competitive for the first weekend this month! The player who gets the most boss kills with the boss being boosted, won't only get a chance at a rare unique from the boss but will also take home the prize. The boosted boss changed every 1 hour and can be seen under "events" in the quest tab. Good Luck Gamers!

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck in this month's events everyone!