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    Sep 2023
    I've just gotten started with BattleScape. Looking forward to enjoying the content but I am having trouble completing my guide book challenges and acquiring items which require vote points.

    I have cast votes via both portals using MS Edge, and the BattleScape website shows that I have voted a total of 2 times, but when I try to claim the points via the poll booth I get the message "Checking for votes..."... and that's it. Nothing. No points are added. I've tried leaving it for 5 minutes, logging out, closing my client, restarting my computer.

    Is this system currently bugged/broken or am I going wrong somewhere?
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    Apr 2020
    Hey, the ingame vote claiming is currently not working, to claim your votes relog and they will be placed in your bank the next time you log back in.

    This issue is being looked at to be fixed.

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