1. clue item storage QoL improvement  - 09-22-2023 #1

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    Sep 2018
    It would be tremendously helpful if we were able to store clue items individually instead of in sets. For ironmen, they must store unfinished sets in their bank and this takes up a lot of space. I currently have 92 items that I haven't completed the set for. That would equate to more than 10% of my allowed bank space. I believe this would benefit a vast majority of the player-base.

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    Apr 2020
    The way the storage and background is this is not possible, the chests are the same as the osrs ones, where each set is required before it can be stored. (it also would make the interface very unappealing and cursive to use effectively)

    You can use other methods available in game to store your extra items should you wish to use these riskier methods until you are able to progress your account further.

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