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    Jan 2023
    Hi can we maybe add the options of pets having a perk like small drop rate boost small dmg/acc boost and unique perks to different pets like hyunlef having small unique gaunt drop rate boost or verzick pet having a dmg boost to spiders including verzick and venny and all spiders doesn't have to be much to keep game balanced but would give more value to owning and grinding a pet

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    Apr 2020
    Pet perks are not something we would ever consider adding, these are things you will find on custom rsps, something that Battlescape is not. Battlescape is an OSRS focused economy server.

    Pets are simply a small commodity to show and flex over others, they are also easily obtainable for free trade accounts being in the Bond store.

    Adding any form of boosts to pets only upsets the game in the long run, makes group bosses much more unbalanced, any boosts and other bonuses can all be obtained though Relics and Rank systems.

    The suggestion of Pets having Perks is not something we are going to add or consider.

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