September Weekend Events

Prizes for each weekend event winners are - 150 In-Game Bonds or 30m OSGP

Events, as always will run from Friday 8am EST to Sunday 8pm EST. Winners will be announced on the BattleScape Discord channel "#Weekend-events" within 48h of the conclusion of the weekend's event. Event progress can be checked via the in-game highscores board found east of home.

Friday 1 September - Sunday 3 September

Most Godwars Dungeon Drops
Winner: GIM Slash

Break out the combat gear and head over to your favorite Godwars Dungeon Boss this weekend. Do you have what it takes to slay the Generals and plunder the most loot? Good Luck!

Friday 8 September - Sunday 10 September

Most Well Donations
Winner: Cyndaquill

Time to clean the dust off of all the clue scroll loot, and load up the Well of Goodwill until it overflows! Can your bank take the hit? Yell4Well!

Friday 15 September - Sunday 17 September

Most Theater of Blood Drops
Winner: Ridondznutz

Gather up your groups with your best gear, or take on the challenge solo. Verzik's loot chest has the ability to provide major upgrades, if you can defeat her... Good luck Gamers!

Friday 22 September - Sunday 24 September

Most Bloody/Bloodier Keys
Winner: Wet Willy

Here's one for our PvP Enthusiasts. Prep your teams for battle against others in the Wilderness as you try to gather as many keys as possible. Who knows what lies within the locked chest? It could be the elusive Elysian Spirit Shield, or it could be some (not so) juicy Torag's Hammers. Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck in this month's events everyone!