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    Dec 2020
    The shops are way too overstocked.

    Things like Ava's and Drag Scim are fine being quest rewards, but does stuff like Arrows, Dhide armor and runes need to be in a shop?
    Offer the bare minimum, set item limits per day, and let players drive the market for the rest.

    Does anyone remember server launch for 317?
    All the people Runecrafting for natures and selling them for 1k each?
    People fletching rune arrows and selling them 500ea?

    There was actually a reason to skill, and player interaction was extremely high.

    I have only just returned to the server, but things just don't feel right, it's just afk and skill, there is no reason to ever interact with another player when the shops provide 99% of what you will need to play.

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    Apr 2020
    The shops provide very basic gear for players to get, with max rewards being low mid tier items and equipment, both on irons and mains. You are talking about old versions of the game where basic mechanics and game play where entirely different, games have changed since them days. There are so many factors that have changed the way in which games work compared to years ago, that you could go on and on and on about these.

    If you want to feel like them days again the best way to go is by creating yourself an Ironman and enjoying the solo adventure of generating all your own items and working for everything you have.

    Removing the very basics from shops would not help the server in any way, shape or form, Especially since the server has been in this rendition for over 2 years. The game is designed to aid players in the early stages of the game to help them have a better start and enjoy the early level grinds, everything else on the game needs to be obtained via PvM or other methods.

    The shops provide the bare minimum for any early journeys on the game, the game is not a Skilling based RSPS, nor would these limitations above be added to any modes within the game as it stands, Battlescape is a Blend of PvM, Ironman, Pking and Eco.

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