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    The August BOSS LEADERBOARD event is now live!

    For the month of August players can compete for the best recorded time for the following 7 bosses!
    - Abyssal sire,
    - Alchemical Hydra,
    - Corrupted Gauntlet,
    - Grotesque Guardians,
    - The Nightmare,
    - Vorkath,
    - Zulrah.

    Prizes for each record include 100 bonds and an additional 500 bonds to the player with the most records at the end of the month.

    The event will end August 31, 11:59 pm server time

    Submit your best kill time in the ⁠⏳august submissions Channel. Follow the guidance on the channel on how to submit an eligible clip / screenshot.
    Videos must include the boss kill and timer in the chat.
    You can find the active BOSS LEADERBOARD channel on discord.
    Submissions must be solo!

    Thank you to Letier & 2020 for co sponsoring the event!

    Message “yopbs” on discord if you’d like to add to the prize pool!
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