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Wilderness Boss Changes
- Rare drops will now be broadcasted.
- Improved Venenatis run away mechanic.
- Fixed the voidwaker attack speed.
- Fixed the accursed sceptre max hit.
- Fixes made to try to correct the voidwaker special attack hitting 0s.
- Fixed Callisto's bear trap attack.
- Fixed Callisto not chasing after their opponent for melee attacks.
- Fixed Vetion spawning hellhounds in walls.
- Fixed Venenatis web attack being able to delete the exit object.
- Fixed the webweaver special attack not giving XP for all the hits.
- Fixed a bug involving skulling with the wild boss caves.
- Fixed the target teleport when your target is in the boss caves.
- Fixed the ursine chainmace special attack causing visual movement glitching.

In Other News
- The super mystery box has been buffed.
- Avernic defender dismantling has been changed to match OSRS.
- Elf thieving primary item has been changed to crystal shards.
- The abyssal dagger special attack has been reduced to 25% drain.
- Rada's blessing 4 has been added to the diary shop.
- The quest cape has been added to the legends quest shop.
- The dragon full helm from the funeral pyre is now tracked for the collection log.
- Fixed the Skotizo jar drop rate.
- Fixed the water obelisk ladders.