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- Loot keys have been added! This setting can be unlocked by talking to Skully at the Ferox Enclave.

In Other News
- Fixed the Chambers of Xeric.
- Collection log clue rewards now track across all difficulties, no more needing items such as gilded more than once.
- Fixed Vorkath's spawn not inflicting damage.
- Delayed Vorkath's fireball attack 1 tick to make it easier to dodge.
- Fixed Skotizo's altar display not correctly showing you which altar spawned.
- Actions, such as skilling, are now canceled when you select a loadout.
- Fixed a bug with the seed box where you could lose the seeds you try to add.
- Removed cursed wyverns from the collection log.
- Fixed elder chaos druids killcount not tracking.
- Fixed trout not healing the correct HP.
- Fixed dragonstone armour requiring the wrong defence level.
- Fixed the chaos elemental pet dropping as a regular item from the Chaos Fanatic.
- Improved inventory space checking while fletching.
- Fixed the nuclear smoke devil requiring an active task to be attacked.
- Fixed the 3rd age plateskirt having it's own clue chest entry.
- Fixed the amethyst in the Mining Guild not working.
- Fixed the deposit box deposit-x options not working correctly.
- Fixed a bug with noting the mage's book (or) into the regular book.