From my limited experience, it seems that the server is focused on pvp and bossing and it is great but not perfect. There is demographics of people who value in rs the crafting aspect (creating new items and not just the skill) and it would be great if there would be some treats for us. As it is, the changes made the crafting much more streamlined which is great for lvling, but once lvl 99 is reached, there is nothing more to achieve. If there would be resources (ores / trees / fish) in remote locations, which could be crafted into something valuable (unique) it would make the task worthwhile. EXP over lvl 99 could be "traded" for something of value (e.g. 1m exp = tradeable lamp for the same difficulty lvl, which gives 100k exp). Basically any endgoals which make using skills past lvl 99 would be great!