1. Client Updates ~ IMPORTANT  - 05-12-2023 #1

    Apr 2020
    Palidino : An update is now out for backend changes to support newer OSRS content, which includes a lot of mobile client changes! Desktop players will need to re-open the client to download the changes.

    If you play on mobile, you will need to download the APK from the website and install it again. Depending on your phone, this may require first uninstalling BattleScape.

    Backend changes include supporting the changes to maps, which also lead to every map being updated to current OSRS along with all custom maps being re-saved.

    The other major change includes supporting the new animation system on mobile. The new system is heavily used for ToA bosses and likely also the wilderness boss rework.

    PC ~ If you are having issues with the new client, this will be for older players please follow these steps to get back online in the quickest way.

    ~ Uninstall the client
    ~ Delete the Battlescape folder out of your user [personal] folders.
    ~ Re-install the clients from the site

    MOBILE ~ Download the lastest version of the game, you will be promted to update. The newest version has been updated as of the 25/5/23.

    ~ https://www.battle-scape.com/play
    ~ Latest version will fix issues with Mobile Maps incorrectly loading & the Wilderness Teleports / Other Teleports / Failing to log in correctly and getting stuck.

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    Aug 2017
    From further reports passed on, we have found a correlation between some Wilderness locations and issues surrounding teleporting / logging in and the New Mobile Client. The team is working hard to get these fixed asap.

    There is also a new thread on the discord #new-client-issues where we are compiling a list of issues to fix, feel free to check it out for any further updates.

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