In regards to the recent updates that have been mentioned on the Discord in regards to clan advertising, to clear up some potential issues this thread is going to explain the rules, to clarify on what is and isn't acceptable in regards to promoting your clan chats.

- Each clan chat is allowed 1 autochat account at home, autochatting at other areas is not permitted.
- Your advertisements must be clear and concise and follow all of the game rules and the layout mentioned in this thread.

You may not promote:
- False advertisements.
- Discord links.
- Website & other links.
- Provocative or misleading autochats.
- Flaming or Flamebaiting.

An example has been provided below.

These rules are designed to allow everyone to advertise fairly and equally, failure to follow the guidance regarding this may result in action being taking against the account(s) of the clan chat in question. We want everyone to have fun, but also to be considerate of others at the same time.

Staff will determine what is and isn't acceptable, if you find an issue with another users autochat then please feel free to report it via the forums or to a staff member ingame who will address it should it need addressing.

Thank you all for your cooperation,
~ The Battlescape Staff Team.