Current Revenant Cave layout, complete with all cursed monster locations, submission is a re-upload.

- Cursed Npc's can only be killed with an appropriate wilderness slayer task from Krystilia [located at home/dz].

- Attacking a Cursed Npcs WILL instantly skull you!

- Each kill of a Cursed Npc grants 2 loot rolls, one from their general slayer npc table, and one from the relevant boss table. [if there is no boss for the Cursed Npc then both rolls are from the slayer npc] They also have a rare chance of hitting the Superior Drop Table when killed.

- The boss role is calculated at 4x the bosses rate, so if a Crystal from Cerberus is 1/50, from a Cursed Npc it would be 1/200, they are faster to kill but with reduced rates of the goods.

Information is correct at the time of posting