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    Mar 2023
    Hello , i saw alot of people struggling with zulrah so i will show the tiles i highlighted in my run. And i did it in the most basic gear with no special bonus.
    I used a normal magic bow not imbued one. and adamant arrow! The better gear you use the easier it will be ofc. (i was on slayer task though)
    Btw this is just a tutorial of me doing this in most basic equipment I expect ya'll to upgrade my gear to make it easier for yourself.
    Below is the picture of my gear/inventory (nothing special)

    And my run i did make some mistakes with prayer but i was still able to do it , just pay attention so you don't get punished
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    Aug 2023
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    Dear K1llerk2na,

    Check out this thread for the zulrah guide instead - https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...rah-Guide-2021


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