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Happy Easter everyone! In the spirit of the holidays we are hosting loads of events, both in-game and though the discord, on top of this why not grab yourself some bonus and or discounted bonds over the weekends coming! Head on over to the discord to view all of our events going on this Easter, from over 5000 bonds worth of prizes to be won, to bonus exp events and more!

- Added the collection log! It's a customized version of OSRS which includes everything from OSRS with the addition of displaying drop rates of monsters. It can be located near the bottom of the quest tab!
- Please note that the search feature will allow you to find what drops an item, but won't correctly show if you already have the item.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bofa/helm issue.
- Fixed skill tasks if you're 200M XP in every skill

Collection Log News
- We have noticed a few small issues such as pre-collection log items like the Barrow sets, Ancest & Justicar would for a item set if you had all 3 components, this hasn't transferred over to the new log but will be fixed shortly.
- The log will be updated so if you receive an item it will check off in all categories/ npc logs.
- Clue loot that was not stored in the chest was not carried over, this will need to be reobtained.