The following updates are now LIVE! Join us on Discord to see what's coming next.

- Tinted and max hit splats have been added.
- Crystal armour can now be recolored by combining them with the appropriate crystals.
- Wave and surge packs have been added to the Equipment Shop.
- The dark acorn can be purchased for 500 marks of grace to recolor the squirrel pet.
- The ingame skill level guides have been updated.
- Nex's defence can only be slightly drained to match OSRS.
- The PJ timer has been updated to match OSRS.
- Skill tasks will now ignore max XP skills if some of your skills aren't max XP.
- Revenant rare drops have been added to the Blood Money Shop.
- Removed the repetitive brimstone ring effect message.
- Added the red topaz machete to the Equipment Shop.
- Added the mithril c'bow to the Dragon Slayer Quest Shop.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a visual glitch with female crystal legs.
- Fixed the inventory size of divine potions.
- Fixed a visual glitch with birdhouses.
- Fixed the Slayer cape effect sometimes applying from a different Slayer master.
- Fixed some issues with the looting widget.
- Fixed some inconstancy with charging the tome of fire.
- Fixed brimstone key drops from Olm.
- Fixed the quest tab not having enough entries to display everything.
- Fixed the blood fury losing charges from attacks other than melee.
- Fixed the death reason for HCIM sometimes clearing prematurely, causing an unknown death reason.
- Fixed the ToB drop rate viewer being incorrect.
- Fixed the angler set effect.