Good day friends. Team Phantom is a newly established clan recruiting players who are thirsty for blood! Unlike the two big clanchats which try to bring in as many players as they possibly can without a care if they're skillers, PVMers, or PVPers, our main focus is on one activity, and our vetting of recruits to ensure they are a good fit makes for a closer knit group.

We believe in creating a clan where everyone knows each other, and where a member who has found a PVP opportunity knows he can readily count on other members to come and assist. Don't know much about PKing but want to learn? No worries, everyone starts out a beginner. We're happy to teach you!

The Basic Requirements are as follows:

1. Voice Comms. An absolutely essential requirement for effective PVP. And it kind of goes without saying that you shouldn't be playing on mobile.

2. Aggression. You are eager to find and take fights. If you die, you don't let it get you down. We're pretty relaxed about dying and will never tell you off or shame you for it if you do. As as long as you learned something that's all we care about.

3. Teamwork. You help clanmates who have worked to find a PVP opportunity instead of doing your own thing. If you die, you regear and rejoin the fight until it has ended.

4. Sportsmanship. You are mature and don't behave shittily towards our opponents. You aren't a sore loser or (just as important) a sore winner. If you kill someone, you don't tell them to "sit". Instead, you thank them for contributing some content to the wilderness by saying good fight.

Smacktalking opponents is allowed and encouraged, bad sportsmanship, flaming, and personal insults are not.

5. Did I mention voice comms? Seriously, we don't type at each other when we pk. Texting and pking gets you killed.