Ever since I joined this server I have had an absolute blast. Community is great, the server is extremely well balanced as far as drop rates, skilling, etc.

Honestly the couple of things I have noticed that are "issues" with the server are simply the economy sucks due to the large amount of items players have vs the number of players active on the server. What I mean is there is no value in items that really should be of value to people that are new to the server trying to make money, etc. What can we do to make this not an issue and inspire people to use the grand exchange rather than using the damn "pawn shop."

1. Keep the pawn shop, but do not make things sold inside of the pawn shop available to other players to buy OR simply set a timer for the pawn shop to "empty/clear" every day/twice a day. This will rise the demand of a very large amount of items required to get by in this server. This will also encourage people to buy/sell things in the grand exchange because they cannot do so easily at the pawn shop anymore.

2. Stop giving away Abby Whips like they are candy. This is a very popular weapon especially for people new to server and irons. There are about 30 whips in every players bank because of how easy it is to obtain. This really is not a resolution to fixing the economy, but I do feel that when you take items in the game that are meant to be rather difficult to obtain and you make them as easy as bones to loot it does put a small impact on the economy and also raises question on what other items that are not suppose to be easy to obtain are easily obtainable here? It should be an item that someone is excited that they got the drop, not just "oh great another whip."

3. This 3rd idea/recommendation is probably my favorite! One way we could really help the economy in this game AND add more content to the server would be to bring "Construction" to the server. This would bring demand, value, and expense to the economy for all items required to construct. Making some items that are currently useless now items people want to buy/farm. Not only that there is a large population in the OSRS community that would love to experience Construction on a private server because they never got to experience the 1-99 grind and rewards that construction has to offer on the original OSRS.

4. My 4th idea is more of a request, as someone that works 50+ hours a week I never get the experience of world bosses because the times you have them set to are so spread apart and placed a times that someone in America working full time day job does not get to experience these unless its the weekend. Please make world/group event bosses more frequent so people that do not have the opportunity to play all day get to experience those during the week as well. I'm sure people in other countries do not experience this issue but some of us are American

Thanks for reading, hopefully you will consider some of my ideas or even give me some honest feed back on why some of these ideas will not work or are just plain bad ideas.