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    Jan 2023
    Add a few more pets to the game (which can be added to Pet Mystery Box)

    New pets obtainable ingame & in boxes include
    Icey (names subject to change ofc)

    Icey = Mini Ice Strywrm
    Rev = Revenant Pet (forms can be changed possibly to any rev NPC?)
    Baby Calf = VERY rare from cows
    Barry = Barrows Pet (forms can be changed possibly to any Brother?)

    But then also add a mini me pet that can ONLY be obtained via the Lunar Diplomacy Miniquest at uncommon/rare chance after beating boss

    Quest can be replayed once per day up to 3 per day with higher membership rank.

    Iím sure you guys know what Mini Me pet is by now, but incase you dont its a new small version of ur player
    But if we want to make it simple
    It can just be a small bob like npc

    Why should this be added?

    Well first off this is going to add another element of uniqueness to battlescape without making anything drastic/crazy
    Also it increases revenue towards the server & im sure Xei wouldnít mind extra revenue.
    Also with the mini me pet itíd be one of if not the ONLY pet that isnít obtainable through Pet Mystery Boxes which gives those grinders/luckers something to really brag about when they pull one.

    Some people already donated and got every pet ingame
    But guess what.. now theres more good luck!

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    Apr 2020
    A mini ice stykewyrm and rev sound fun.

    The rest isn't worth the time.

    And ofc Cows? Smh

    Also just won't happen, it's a unnecessary use of resources atm.

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