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Verzik QOL
- Fixed Verzik's HP bar not displaying the correct amount of HP she has.
- Fixed getting Slayer experience from Verzik.
- Fixed Verzik phase 3 web attack immunity.
- Fixed the amount of HP Verzik's tornados heal her.
- Fixed the drop rate logs for Verzik.
- Fixed the attack speed of the dawnbringer.
- Fixed Verzik's web attack ignoring pet/thrall tiles.

Inferno QOL
- Your inventory and equipment during practice will now remain during a relog.
- You can save and load a loadout in the practice mode.
- Fixed anglerfish when setting your HP in practice mode.
- Fixed picking a wave to start practicing at.

In Other News
- Skill tasks will now display their approximate quantities.
- Chin skill task name has been changed to grey chins to be more clear.
- Made fletching skill task names more clear.
- Fixed the volatile staff max hit.
- Fixed the blood fury working for ranged attacks.
- Fixed elite void not requiring 100 combat to equip.
- Fixed items dropping in the arena when your inventory is full on victory.