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    Apr 2020
    Hey, hope everyone is having a good start to their 2023, I know I'm for sure looking forward to some of the plans we have for bringing in OSRS content as well as some new custom content later in the year.

    The rules of Battlescape have been slightly overhauled with a few new additions and a few more clarifications on existing rules, breaking them down a tad more. You can click the link below to view these, Only the in-game rules have been updated at this point. Don't be shy to give them a once over, it could save you from any issues later down the line.

    If you are in any doubt feel free to contact a member of staff for clarification, you can find staff using the command [::staff] when you are within the game, or join us over on discord, where we also run several events and giveaways!

    Notable changes/additions:
    Rule 4: Macroing and Botting (updated)
    Rule 5: Threatening Other Players & Personal Infomation (updated)
    Rule 13: Account Sharing & Services (updated to stand alone)
    Rule 14: Griefing (pvm) (new official)
    Rule 15: False Reports (new official)

    Xei & The Battlescape Staff Team.

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    Apr 2020
    Hello everyone,

    Recently there have been some comments and questions regarding Rule 10 - Wilderness and Ragging, Id like to clear some of the smaller issues up here.

    10.a Blood Money: Boosting Kills, Emblems and Blood Money are all strictly against the rules, "Gifting free kills or Upgrades" falls under this category.

    Can I trade Blood Money to my Alt account?
    ~ Yes, BM is recognised as a currency in game for free-trade accounts.

    Can I Sell or Purchase Blood Money?
    ~ Yes, as mentioned above, it is a form of currency gained from doing such activities, you are able to sell this from any form of account.

    Can I pay to kill, or have my friend de-gear as my target to get an upgrade?
    ~ NO, this would be considered boosting, you may be warned about this but a warning is not guaranteed.

    Can I sell / trade / gift Bloody / Bloodier keys?
    ~ to a free-trade account ~ YES
    ~ to an Ironman / HCIM / GIM ~ NO
    If any further questions needs to be touched on regarding this issue, they will be added here.

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