OVERSEER Applications are now CLOSED

We are looking for a few individuals to join us on the team as Overseer's, if you think you have what it takes read on.....

! Please keep in mind, any applications that do not follow the template will be auto-denied.
!! If you can't follow it the 2nd time (you will be prompted to restart an application), you will be auto-denied any chance of the role in this application period.

You must not:
- Have any active infractions against any of your accounts.
- Account share with anyone.
You must have:
- Discord access.
- At least 60+ days on the server.
- Some base knowledge of the game.
Fill out the forms in as much detail as you can, if you cannot be bothered to put effort into a form then that sets the stage for your prospects as an overseer.

Be open and honest in your application, we know who people really are and wont tolerate poor behaviour and activity, your accounts must all be named and will be vetted, Failure to do so will be an auto-denial.

! There will be follow ups and more questions to be answered as things progress, its down to you to check if there is something new on your application. It is likely that the applications will take a few weeks fully to process and review.

Applications can be submitted CLOSED

Do you have what is needed to be an Overseer?

Overseer & Application Updates
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