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    Sep 2016
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    Corporeal beast has been added.
    Slayer helmet coloring can now be unlocked.
    Added the Amulet of glory teleport.
    Abyssal tentacle protect value is now the abyssal whip and kraken tentacle combined.
    Blessed saradomin sword protect value is now the saradomin sword and tear.
    Made a decent few changes to following.
    Added kill count display to K'ril.
    Changed the global drop message color.
    Moved the teleport wizard.
    Skeletal Wyvern can no longer use it's dragonfire from a distance.
    You will now continue to attacking people while they're teleporting (magic teleports will negate damage still).
    Quick prayer mechanics now match OSRS.
    Added visage to KBD's global drop messages.
    Preset loadouts will no longer reset skill XP if your level doesn't change.
    Added some preventitive measures when luring monsters too far from their spawn.
    Lowered the Slayer XP rate multiplier from x50 to x25.
    Reduced Slayer task lengths.
    Updated the Zamorakian spear animations and fixed normal spear attack animations.
    Added the games necklace.

    Wilderness Boss Changes
    Increased their aggressive range.
    Adjusted Venenatis spawn spot slightly.
    Callisto will no longer walk up to you.
    Vet'ion's magic attack now moves slower.
    Venenatis will now keep within melee distance of you.
    Reduced the special attack chances.
    Increased their BM drops from 500 to 1000.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed attacking through objects that you shouldn't be able to.
    Fixed the Dareeyak and Ghorrock teleport locations.
    Fixed unfreezing when out of distance (thanks to following changes).
    Fixed a bug with attacking people when you run up to them, but then being frozen and not actually reaching them.
    Fixed moving from having to completely move from under a player before you start attacking.
    Fixed checking the ring of recoil on the equipment stats interface.
    Fixed Dharok's block animation.
    Fixed logging in with private chat off.

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    Oct 2016
    You are beautiful just like these updates

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    Oct 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Palidino View Post
    Reduced Slayer task lengths.
    Could you clarify how reduced tasks are now? Amazing update man!

    Thank you for squashing dem bugs.

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    Oct 2016
    <3 I wish you added void but its okey next upd

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    Oct 2016
    big ty for glory charge

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    Nov 2016
    sick updates keep it up! <3

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    Nov 2016
    Is this the battle-scape we all once knew?
    Great job. May be bringing alot of people back.

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    Senior Moderator
    Oct 2016
    Amazing progress, love that you're really trying to go for accurate boss mechanics, makes it much more fun and challenging

    Long Live Battlescape.

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    Oct 2016
    these updates are LIT

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    Nov 2016
    Great update, prayer one is awesome but you still need to fix elite clue scrolls.

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