Hi all,

I'm a mobile pleb and thought I would write up a very quick guide for people like me who tend to dc a lot (especially at afk zone) and having to get a mod to kick you or having to wait an hour.

For me personally this works 100% of the time.

If you dc and get the error "you have not logged out from your previous session"
Switch off your WiFi to mobile data, this will allow you to log in, then whilst still on your mobile data, log out of the game, then reconnect to the WiFi and log back in

If you dc whilst on mobile network, do the same steps in the other order. So connect to WiFi, log out, then log back in on your mobile data.

This is a pretty specific issue, which I've only noticed on mobile, so if it helps even 1 person then then I'm glad

I THINK the issue is that the ip from either WiFi or mobile data is still currently in a session, so switching to a different network will change this, allowing you to log in.