Today Misery Massed up 20 Handsome and Rich Kangaroos to go to war. We heard Malo and the rest of the goblins only massed up 6 meat shields. We defended 26 hill waiting to be hit by the Red Buffalos when we got word that they were rushing just east of sperm. We pushed South and wrapped from the west and the fight pushed west into pond. Temptation showed up but we held our ground and fought 1v2 repelling both clans back and shoving them to Chaos Alter where they eventually tele'd out and gave Misery the clear win.

Hearing that the Terminal Green Goblins were snipping north we quickly grabbed our staffs and barrage sacks and headed up to 50s where we wanted all the smoke. Fighting Massacre and Temptation in cycles we held our ground once again pushing them to new gate and hunted the stranglers down single strips where they teled out, running from the Mighy Misery warriors.

Ty 4 Fights