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    Dec 2021
    Cursed RNG’s Guide to Nightmare



    -remembering that Nightmare is weak to crush is key when building your Nightmare loadout (you do not need this exact gear to fight the boss, go as far as your bank can take you with substitutions if needed)

    Key items to remember when packing:

    -Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword for a spec weapon
    -Blowpipe or other fast weapon to kill sleepwalkers
    -High damage dealing magic or range weapon for totems if you get locked into split segment area special attack after
    -Sanfew serum for parasites
    - Teleport option; I recommend keeping it cornered in by spare items or items you don’t touch so you don’t accidentally teleport out.


    You will start by finding Nightmare’s limp body in a pile when you run North after teleporting to the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

    Initiate a fight and Nightmare will pull you into her dream.

    Looks like a colorful dream version of the Sisterhood Sanctuary inside this nightmare.


    -Use the last 10 seconds to pot up, overeat, and get prayers and special attacks ready. (big congratulations to Wet on the Jad pet while I was making this)

    THE FIGHT (group fight changes at bottom of guide)
    There are 3 phases to the fight and Nightmare has 400 HP if soloing
    After the 30 seconds pass and Nightmare wakes up, she will attack you with 1 of 3 main attacks or 1 of 3 special attacks. As you fight through the 3 phases, the main attacks stay the same, but the special attacks change. Nightmare will continuously cycle through her attacks so be prepared to camp on your prayer tab for the duration of the fight.

    MAIN ATTACKS (her movements the seconds prior to damage happening dictate which kind of attack she is doing and which type of prayer you should be using):

    Scratching the ground = Protect from Melee

    Arms spinning in a circle above her head with flowers = Protect from Magic

    Arms distorting (where human bones would be broken) = Protect from Missiles

    Special Attacks (usually announced in chat box too):

    Black holes and hands deal an upwards of 30+ damage
    -there is no prayer to protect from them, simply move off of the black holes when they appear

    Husks (Phase 1 only)- 20 hp
    -freeze you in place until you kill both

    The area has been split into segments (Phase 1 Only)
    -Player must move into green flower outlined quadrant or take continuous 1-tick damage of 1-6 hp
    -Since the phases include killing all 4 totems each time after diminishing Nightmare’s hp, this is where the high damage dealing range or magic weapon comes into play. If you’ve already taken down the totem in the area that is safe, you can continue attacking other totems from that distance with those weapons.

    Between the 3 Phases you will be required to take down the hp of all 4 totems to unleash a large hp slashing attack on Nightmare and move on to the next phase and complete the fight.
    -First you must physically do 60 damage to each totem.

    -Once each totem is fully charged, they will release an attack on Nightmare for 1/3 of its overall HP.

    After the Nightmare’s HP is slashed, she summons a deadly sleepwalker that you must kill as quickly as possible. It has 10 HP and only requires one hit of any weapon to kill it.
    -If the player fails to kill the sleepwalker before it reaches the Nightmare, the player will take 99 damage.
    -Be extra careful on Phase 1 because Nightmare can husk you just before the totems fully charge and you may end up husked while the sleepwalker comes out. You can avoid this by timing your final attacks on the last totem to line up opposite of an attack from Nightmare so you know what she is doing before you completely finish the totem.

    Phase 2 Special Attacks

    -Immediately sip a Sanfew Serum if you get impregnated with a parasite no matter what time of the phase, even during the totems. The parasite will burst out of you and deal an upwards of 60 damage without a Sanfew and around 5 damage if a Sanfew is used.
    -Once the parasite comes out of you, kill it as quickly as possible as it will start to heal the Nightmare IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ON THE TOTEMS PART OF THE PHASE

    Prayer Shuffling (this only affects your protect prayers)
    -Each Prayer option enables the prayer next to it until the prayer wears off.

    -Selecting the Protect from Magic prayer would enable Protect from Missiles
    -Selecting the Protect from Missiles prayer would enable Protect from Melee
    -Selecting the Protect from Melee prayer would enable Protect from Magic

    Phase 3 Special Attack

    Run disabling spores
    -Stay away from them and they won’t affect you
    -Walking next to them will cause them to singularly be set off as well

    -Standing within 1 square of a spore will effect the player and disable their run energy for 15-20 seconds.

    Complete all 3 phases to slay Nightmare and take home end-game loot!

    -Nightmare has scaled hp for group fights
    -2 sleepwalkers will come out for teams of 2 and 3
    -3 sleepwalkers will come out for teams of 4
    -the damage a sleepwalker can do is scaled down for groups. It is only fully necessary for a group of 2 to kill one sleepwalker, etc. If one sleepwalker is left alive during a fight with 2 players, only 45 damage will be dealt. It would be smart to still protect from this of course.

    Thanks for checking out my guide everyone!
    As always, feel free to PM me here, in game, or on Discord! Much love 😊
    -Cursed RNG
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    Immediately sip a Sanfew Serum if you get impregnated with a parasite no matter what time of the phase, even during the totems. Wrong.

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