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Temptation started this Sunday trip with 31 later peaking at 35 Panthers. We would set out to be the highest K/D clan with ease, amassing a 1.4 KD and having clean fast paced action for the entire trip.
TP: 363 Kills, 249 Deaths (1.45 KD)

Temptation started out the trip crashing a fight between Takeover and Empire, quickly turning it into a cluster. In spite of a start with lower pulls, we were able to maneuver ourselves into a position of power, easily catching massive clumps on both Takeover and Empire. After multiple repositions and several teleports out by our opponents, we slipped away to bank our loot. As we were doing so, BH and TO continued to fight briefly before calling it quits.

After an incident involving a pack of angry brothers in hoods, we got word of a fight happening north of Moss Giants. We quickly teleported up to make sure we got a piece of the action, finding Terminal vs Misery happening in full swing. Quickly after spreading, we made light work of the two clans, who had been going so hard on one another, they were both down heavily. After clearing up the fight quickly, we were rushed by Takeover; who had that same pack of brothers in hoods screaming behind them. Not wanting to intrude on their night, we dipped out and waited for another hit.

During the following 30 minutes, TP would hit 2 clusters simultaneously. First, a fight between Massacre, Misery, and Terminal, which was going on near south gap and east drags. In between their regroups in single, our forward observers were ready to let us know when it was time to hit our targets. Not wanting to completely ruin the fight and end the fun, we would quickly cycle between this fight, and another unruly fight west of ferox...

The other fight in question! A raging battle between Brotherhood, Empire, and Takeover which was ripe for the picking. When our boys over on the other side of the wilderness were deciding what to do, TP, not wanting to waste a moment of time, decided we'd grab a few clumps of various clans. Starting from the north, we pushed in to heavily take control of the north side of the fight, leaving only once the kitchen got a little too hot. Not wanting to completely abandon our 2nd fight, we quickly cycled between the two, as they were both so much fun we simply couldn't decide which would be the best to hit.

The last fight of the evening stemmed from the previous cluster. Starting near 26 hill, the fight inevitably settled near sperm hill and the vents surrounding it. After a back and forth battle between the clans of Misery, Massacre, and Terminal, it was our time to show our dominance in these clusters which have become so popular in recent weeks. We started from the far north and pushed down, fending off multiple clans and multiple waves of those clans, repositioning when necessary. After the dust settled (and a pretty large CLUMP) we took our loot and decided to end the evening.

Roofie POV

Brain POV