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    PM skater#1491 if you want to join a clan who doesn't avoid.

    Today, Temptation massed up a mighty 43 pink panthers for our Sunday pk trip. Knowing Empire, Takeover, and Brotherhood began their trips 45 minutes before everyone else, we we eager to hit the cluster they formed at GDz.

    We crashed the cluster that was formed at gdz amongst the three clans listed above. From the beginning, we were able to bait takeover east of gdz where we got a clean 1v1 against them. The fight went back and forth until they tried to rush us through newgate where loads of magic experience was gained from the Pink Panthers. A huge gwas took place where their opts started dropping quick. Eventually, they called returns off at new gate letting us focus Terminal who was picking off our returns at 50 ports. We rushed 50 ports and quickly outmanned terminal. Once they were cleared, we saw massacre had a small group of losers trying to snipe our fight at newgate. We rushed their clan and quickly cleared them up taking another victory.

    After a quick rebank, we rehit the cluster consisting of empire, brotherhood, and takeover. For the remainder of the trip, we continued to farm anybody not wearing pink. Once takeover and empire dismissed, we ended our wilderness trip.



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    Huge for TP

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    tp is huge

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