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    May 2022
    Maximize Are Recruiting!

    We are a friendly group of people looking to enhance the BattleScape community by hosting events/giveaways on our discord, offering help/tips to players of all skill levels, holding group activities/trips to different bosses and being kind to one another!
    No requirements to join, just be friendly, be yourself and be willing to get to know others! Our CC is always open under "Maximize"
    To gain a rank simply join our discord which can be found here: https://discord.gg/7vfzMvxE or PM R A N N S T, Bufton167, Xotic, Trash Panda, Mercora or Banksy!
    We look forward to welcoming newcomers and introducing you to our current members

    The Rules

    All BattleScape rules apply!
    1. No Flaming!
    2. Jokes are great until taken to far!
    3. No Scamming!
    4. Treat each other with respect! (even when you're in a hard discussion)
    5. If you need help from a high rank in the cc (no matter what rank). PM one of us on discord!
    6. Lend your money at your own risk!
    7. An official clan event will be always hosted by a star rank! (unless someone has asked to host one) which will be announced on discord!
    8. Do not stake each other! (unless you both can take a loss and won't become mad at one another)
    9. No racism or homophobia!
    10. Make sure to have a nice time in the clan!

    Our Staff

    Leader: R A N N S T

    Generals: Bufton167 & Banksy

    Captain: Trash Panda

    Bronze Star: Xotic & Mercora
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    Jul 2022
    Amazing clan with amazing people in it! Feel free to join us!

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    Jul 2022
    Amazing clan growing up happy to be part of join us "Maximize"

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    Aug 2022
    Very chill clan, everybody is friendly and helpful

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    Aug 2022
    Very chill clan, helpful when having questions and overall nice to be in.
    Active mass PVMing and giveaways

    Discord link ; https://discord.gg/KsKWkt9GYF
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