1. Terminal is now 100% stock holder of Ferox-Sperm  - 2 Weeks Ago #1

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    Sunday, July 24th shall go down as the day that 50 Terminal Warriors claimed the entire Area from Ferox, to Sperm as ours.
    The action started off with a 1v1 fight with Takeover, we got clean action for the first 20 minutes. We defended at CA, as they rushed we quickly maneuvered on them to the west to catch them in massive clumps. They were getting swatted and dropped like flies.
    We got word that Empire and Temptation were about to crash we quickly positioned ourselves in to sandwich them. After a few minutes, it was clear that Takeover/Empire/Temptation were all focusing on us. They were all avoiding each other and fighting us. We made mass movements and got them all in huge clumps together, since they were holding hands anyway. 1 hour into the Trip we were 100+ kills up on every other clan. Empire was getting farmed like dogs, Temptation was basically no where to be found, and Takeover... well they were trying.
    After watching every other clan regroup 3-5 times, we finally broke the spirit of takeover and they decided to fight what was left of Massacre and Temptation (they knew they couldnt compete with the big dogs)
    We then fought Empire 1v1 near Ferox at 13 ports/Altar. We walked them all the way back to 19 ports, around pond and back. Upon closer inspection of their TS, we realized they were completely demoralized with an awkward silence during the majority of the fighting.
    "User has disconnected from your channel" was heard throughout their ts, while their ranks were rage typing in rank chat. Their callers were shaking so hard, that "Retired" Former Leader of Fatality Kenny had to step in and call. After completely demoralizing Empire we decided it was time to end the trip and let the clans breathe. Tune in Next week.

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    Hmmmmmmmm Very Interesting

    (1 hour into the Trip we were 100+ kills up on every other clan.)


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