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    - made in gimp 2.6.22
    - dimensions are 515x212 from 500x150
    - G.E. image from Battle-Scape
    - character images from Battle-Scape

    how it was made

    - started with a 1x pixel border surrounding the dimensions
    - cropped a picture of the G.E. on battle-scape via print screen button
    - cropped using MS paint and then later pasted into gimp
    - stripped the color from the original image & then made it even darker by 50%
    - print screen'd the two characters using the armor tab
    - using a 1x pencil tool, went around each character in a color that wasn't in the image
    - and then removed the content surrounding each character, leaving just the character
    - added gradient from BG color to transparency going from top to mid section
    - added the same gradient from BG color to transparency bottom to mid section
    - added Louch & sLouch text as an overlay
    - saved image .PNG

    Anyone can do this. It's really easy. Nothing special going on here. I wish I was good.

    edit: sorry i forgot to include i searched on images.google.com for "Battle-Scape logo".
    it took me to some rsps top list site, where it showed the image; right click the logo
    and saved it to my computer; it was already transparent, so i just pasted it in gimp
    directly without tampering with it.

    i made it darker by 85%, thus making it a generic signature.
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