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  1. Events - Starting 6th May  - 03-03-2022 #1

    Apr 2020
    Hey guy's! Be sure to log in and use the command "::discord" to join our discord to keep up to date with all of the latest events and giveaways! Right now there's currently a free giveaway running on the discord as we speak! Someone has to win, why not you?

    Current Discord Giveaway: 6x Mystery Box

    But now its time for another weekend event! Weekend Events will be updated on a Friday before they go live

    This weekends events are:

    `The player with the Most GOD WARS DUNGEON BOSS DROPS`

    `The player with the overall most BOOSTED BOSS KILLS (Well + Hourly apply)`

    Rank 1 in each category will take home 50m osgp or 175 Bonds.

    Cheeky Extra: There will be Bonus EXP at the weekend for all to enjoy!

    Eventís will run from Friday 8am EST to Sunday 8pm EST unless otherwise stated, in-game times are displayed in the quest tab. Events are Live so best of luck everyone! Winners will be announced on Discord when the events have Ended! Staff participation is exempt. Have a good weekend! Winners will be paid when events are finished and winners announced, this will be around Monday and only shown in this thread, so keep an eye out. .
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