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    This is a guide based upon my experience with Nex on BattleScape. I suggest a minimum of a trio for newer Nexers. I suggest you have ACB, Bofa, or twisted bow if you have it. Dragon war hammer or bgs is a must, Hammer is much more effective and makes a huge difference during the entire kill.

    Before you can get to Nex you must kill each God Wars boss once to obtain a Frozen key piece. This piece has a 100% drop rate until you make the key and open the frozen door. You only ever need one key, you unlock the door forever.

    Once you have entered the frozen door, continue on and kill spiritual mages for kc (83 slayer req). Every mage gives 5kc(base) multiplied by donor rank. You need 40 to enter as per usual for GWD.

    There is a bank in a safe room right before Nex so you can prep for the kill here. Presets do work in this room.

    This is two of the best setups for Nex. Max melee with scythe can be a bit faster. Crystal armour/Bofa is good and ACB with ruby bolts works well too. I don't think archers ring is worth the recoil damage and defence from suffering(I). You heavily rely on DWH specs for a good clean kill. I use suffering for range and berserker for melee.
    Veng runes in rune pouch. Only need 1 sanfew. Nex poisons you the first time she hits you but only through the first phase.
    Tbow with melee setup is only for minions and melee prot phase on Nex.

    You begin the Nex kill on the other side of this barrier.

    The first part of this kill you pray melee and stand in melee distance, DWH spec, switch to DPS gear and begin the fun. The person with the lowest magic defence will get a *cough* and it will drain your prayer. you can put a face mask or slayer helm on to shorten this effect. Once Nex is down to 80% health run to the North-West corner and kill Fumus. Pray mage on your way over.

    Once Fumus is dead pray range and run a little bit until Nex punches the ground and uses her shadow attack. You don't want to be under this shadow you can take upwards of 50 damage. During the range phase the closer you are to Nex the harder her range can hit. Throughout all of the kill except the very beginning I don't suggest you stand within melee distance of Nex. Once Nex is at 60% health move on to Umbra. Umbra attacks with magic while Nex uses range, you can get hit pretty hard this phase. Keep a close eye on your prayer at all times during the kill, Nex smites.

    After Umbra is dead pray mage for the entirety of the Nex kill. Nex will spawn 2 Reavers, just wait a couple seconds until she stands up to attack her. If you do attack too soon you will heal Nex instead of hurt her.

    After Nex is down to 40% move on to Cruor. Once Cruor is dead run away from Nex. She will say "contain this!" and slam the ground throwing up an ice barrier that will drop your pray if you get hit, as well as doing a good bit of damage. If your mage pray drops during this phase there is a good chance that you will get frozen for about 20 seconds.

    Once Nex is down to 20% health kill Glacies. Now Nex will heal a bit and throw up soul split for a few attacks. Then she will use melee reflect pray for a few attacks. Once Nex starts dying, run a few squares away from Nex to avoid wrath damage.

    Wrath prayer activating:

    Everybody that did damage rolls a chance at a unique, but the MVP gets a 5% buff to drop rate. The MVP will appear at the top of the drop log.

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    Nice work man

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    This guide, is outdated.

    Scythe and tbow no longer work here. Chaotix rapier the meta.

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    So great man. Good luck to you
    super mario bros wonder

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