First of all, most people reading this will be new players. On behalf of the Staff team and the community, I'd like to welcome you to the world of BattleScape!
Some things around BattleScape work a little differently then RuneScape, and to help you on your journey we have put together a list of questions we get alot, that might be confusing for new players.

Please feel free to reach out to us ingame either by the home clan chat or direct private messages! We are here to help.

Here's some of the most asked questions, answered!

* How do I teleport around the server?
You can teleport either by clicking the teleport in the mage book or by talking to the wizard at ::home

* What are Bonds?
Currency obtained from donating, voting, giveaways or bought ingame to purchase items in the bond store, skilling outfits or relics.
To find out all about bonds, please refer to the ingame bond pouch located under 'Options' ingame and clicking the questionmark top right or CLICK HERE.

* What are vote tickets and what can I do with them?
Vote tickets are a currency obtained through voting. You can vote on 4 websites every 12 hours. You will be rewarded with 2 vote tickets per website, so a total of 16 per 24 hours.
You can spend the vote tickets either by talking to the Vote manager in the home bank, for imbues or items. Or you can sell them on the Grand Exchange to other players.
To receive your votes after succesfully voting on all websites, please relog and check your bank for the rewards.

* Where do I buy Equipment and supplies?
You can buy equipment from Ajjat and supplies from the Head Chef. They're both located in the hub west of ::home

* Do you have Quests, and where can I do them?
Yes we do have some quests in the game! The quests are all located in the Quest hub south of ::home and upon completion offer some really good shops, especially for ironman.
We have a dedicated quest guide forum section where you can find everything you need for help! CLICK HERE For the Master Guide.

* Can I change gamemodes?
You can change gamemodes but only in decending order. For example: A Hard account cannot change to Elite, but Elite can change to Hard. An Ironman can also change to a regular non-ironman account. These actions are irreversible.
You can do this by talking to Adam in the same hub as Ajjat and Head chef, and selecting 'Manage play style'

* Where can I fish anchovies?
You can fish anchovies at the shrimp fishing spot, however you have to right click and select the bait option. (This can still be done with a small fishing net only)

* What are daily skilling tasks?
Every day you can complete a daily skilling task, you can find the daily skilling task under the quest tab -> My tasks -> Skilling. By clicking on 'Skilling' you'll be greeted with an interface to select a task to complete. Upon completion of the task you gain bonus experience in that skill.
Every 7th daily skilling task gives double the bonus exp.

* Where do I start agility?
Gnome Stronghold agility course, You can get there by taking the Gnome Stronghold teleport through the teleport menu or the Wizard at ::home, then walk east.
You can access the guide HERE!

* What is Event Jad?
Event Jad is a boss that spawns every 3 hours, this is a simplefied and relatively easy version of Jad and can be done with a group of people. To get there type ::jadboss when the event is active.
You can see when Event Jad spawns next under the quest tab section.
Event Jad drops a fire cape 100% of the time + some tokkul and bonus loot like ornament kits and slayer helmets. Please refer to the 'PvM Kill counts and Loot' option under the quest icon for Event Jad droprates.

* What are loadouts?
Loadouts are used for gearing up quickly or getting a new inventory of supplies for easier skilling. You can gear up and fill the inventory then save the entire setup by going to the quest tab -> clicking the armor icon -> configure -> add new loadout -> give it a name.
The next time you click on that name you will be given all the equipment and items that you previously had saved, this also counts for attack styles, mage book and runepouch.

* What do I do with Unusual fish, Bird eggs or Unidentified minerals?
You can sell these items for coins that drop from either fishing, woodcutting or mining randomly to the skilling seller merchant in the skilling hub.
He is located east of the home teleport by right-clicking and selecting the Talk to option, then selecting 'Exchange special skilling items'

* Where can I make crystal weapons and armor?
You can make these by going to Lletya under the cities teleport, walking west you will find an NPC called Ilfeen, by talking to her with the correct items in the inventory she will make your desired weapon/armor.
Crystal armor requires 74 Smithing and Crafting, Bofa and Saeldor require 82 Smithing and Crafting.

* How do I corrupt Blade of Saeldor or Bow of Faerdhinen?
You will need to uncharge the weapon, if charged. Then by holding 1000 crystal shards in your inventory drink from the Pool of Goodwill located at ::home. An interface will pop up asking you if you're sure to corrupt the weapon.
(500 Crystal shards can be bought for 10 bonds in the bond store)

* Where can I change the colour of my Blade of Saeldor or Bow of Faerdihnen?
Colour crystals can be purchased from Llian in the Donator zone ( ::dz )
Colours cost 10m per crystal so choose wisely. You can revert the colour back but you wont get to keep the crystal.
When the colour wont work on the weapon, please check if the weapon is corrupted. If not, please refer to previously explained section of how to corrupt the weapon.

* Where can I make Zamorakian hasta or buy godsword shards?
We have a vendor north-west of the home bank that sells you godsword shards for 850k ea and can exchange a Zamorakian hasta for 300k and a Zamorakian spear.
Check out the store to see what else he can exchange for you, if you dont have the crafting levels! (This works on Ironman too!)

* Where can I get ice gloves?
You can access the guide HERE!

* Where can I get the Ivandis/Blisterwood flail to kill vampyres?
You can buy the Ivandis flail at Ajjat's store located west of ::home, then you can buy the Blisterwood flail from the vote store for 8 vote tickets