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    Sep 2016
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    Jad Event
    A group boss designed around jad will spawn 4 times a day. Dying to the boss will count as a safe death with no items lost, but you won’t be able to re-join the fight.

    This boss has special drops that include 3 unique jad pets, 4 recolors based on the jad you fight, the jad and zuk slayer helmets, and the fire and infernal capes.

    In Other News
    • Items on the Grand Exchange can now be searched by partial name for multi-item results. This search feature should also work for all mobile users.
    • The vampyric slayer helmet and sanguine dust have been added as drops to Verzik Vitur.
    • Tournament first place prizes now vary from 2.5m to 10m depending on how many players participate.
    • More points slayer relic boost has been changed from 10% to 25%.
    • Free points slayer relic has been added, which gives 10% more points and is free to unlock.
    • Ash drops have been replaced with the new ashes.
    • The room before olm can be used to obtain CoX potions.
    • The ash sanctifier can be purchased for 100 points.
    • Bloodier keys primary coin drop of 1m-10m has been tweaked to 2.5m-10m.
    • Bloody keys primary coin drop of 100k-1m has been tweaked to 500k-2.5m.
    • If you’ve defeated Zuk, Inferno runs will start you at wave 67.
    • Added the digsite pendant teleports.
    • A teleport to Lunar Isle has been added.

    Bug Fixes
    • A teleport to Lunar Isle has been added.
    • Fixed bigger harvest not working with Kourend runecrafting.
    • Fixed Olm’s handing staying locked.
    • Fixed announcements not showing on mobile and resize modes.
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