Hello! Welcome to Man Ray's master fishing guide!

EXP Modifiers:

The Angler Outfit is a fishing skilling outfit that can be purchased in the bond store for 40 bonds. The outfit provides a 2.5% exp bonus to fishing.

For more information on bonds please click here:

Where do I fish?
The fishing area is directly east of the home bank, below the AFK skilling area, and looks like this:

The RuneLite client shows which fish are available in each area as long as you have a fishing related tool in your inventory. Clicking on a fishing spot will let you know in your chat box which items you need to catch that type of fish. All fishing items can be purchased at the skilling seller at the bank next to the fishing spot.
Items Dropped While fishing:
- While you are fishing you have a chance to receive a Casket, Clue Bottles , as well as an Unusual Fish .

provides various loot related to fishing including but not limited to: bait, spirit flakes, various fish, tome of water (empty), soaked pages, and more. (If you're lucky, you might even find a special someone!)

Are items that you can exchange at the skilling seller for GP.

1-99 Skilling Guide
1-20 Small net shrimp fishing
20-40 Fly Fishing
40-50 Lobster Cage
50-62 Harpoon Swordfish (lobster spot)
62-65 Small Net Monkfish
65-70/82 Karambwan (Karambwan are very useful fish and higher exp than barbarian fishing, so you may choose to stay here for longer and skip barbarian fishing if you don't care about the agility and strength exp.)
70-82 Barbarian fishing (requires 45 strength and 45 agility, only do this if you want the agility and strength exp).
82-87/99 Lure fishing. *Can be 3-ticked*
*OPTIONAL* 87-99 Lure fishing sacred eels. This method is more desirable for ironmen or those who are interested in training cooking at the same time. Using a knife on a sacred eel turns the eel into Zulrah Scales and gives cooking exp. You can also use tick manipulation by cutting the eels as well to increase exp yield.