Vesta’s Longsword

Vesta’s Blighted Longsword has been added to bloodier keys, bloody keys, and the Blood Money Shop.

This weapon is tradeable in its inactive form. To power it requires 50M. Uncharging the sword will not return the 50M. When lost on death, the 50M coins will be lost and the sword will be dropped for your opponent.

The sword can be obtained from bloodier keys at 1/30, bloody keys at 1/90, or the Blood Money shop for 500K.

Bloodier Keys

Bloodier key loot has had general improvements, and Vesta’s Blighted Longsword has a 1 in 30 chance to be dropped!

In Other News

  • Some of the items found in the Blood Money shop have been reduced in price.
  • The coins dropped during the graves event have been raised from 80% of the buyback value to 100%.
  • Revenant relics can no longer be protected on death.
  • Fixed the Scythe of Vitur incorrectly using stab bonus for all of its attacks.
  • Fixed the Bow of Faerdhinen graphics.
  • Fixed Zuriel’s Staff in the FFA portal.
  • Fixed the Astral Altar.
  • Fixed yew and magic shortbows not counting toward the fletching skilling tasks.
  • Fixed Crystal Paddlefish.
  • Fixed baby mole pet appearance.
  • Fixed rare drop table drops being auto-picked up (this being the gem pickup issue).