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    Welcome to the Theatre of Blood Fix thread

    This thread is divided into the next categories:
    - Verzik Vitur in general
    - Phase 1
    - Phase 2
    - Phase 3/4
    - Chest room & ToB home area
    - Death mechanics
    - Drop rates

    Verzik Vitur:

    -The health bar of Verzik on top of game screen is incorrect during ALL phases. Currently the hp bar drops too quick which results in starting a new health bar. Even with scaling it should go correctly from 100% down to 0% each phase.

    Phase 1:
    -Originally supposed to fit in 3 successfull dawnbringer/trident attacks before having to hide behind pillar. For some reason we can only manage 2 attacks in BS without getting hit, even if all tick perfect 3 won't fit. The fix would most likely be to delay Verzik's auto attack by a tick or two.

    -The dawnbringer is the only item which is supposed to deal full damage with specs/auto attacks to Verzik. Other combat styles and weapons are meant to have a cap of 12 damage at max. If this changes to its original state, Verziks health also needs to be adjusted to fit in.

    Phase 2:
    -Exploding Nylocas are supposed to deal minimum of 8 up to 27 damage max might you fail to flinch them.
    -Protect from missiles is meant to halve the damage of White bombs, might you get hit by them.
    -Pathing is horrific while dealing with Blood crabs.
    -Blood crabs health scaling needs rework. In solo you're dealing with ONE crab with 100 health. In duo+ you're dealing with TWO crabs which have 150 health each resulting in a total of 300 health for some reason.

    Phase 3/4:
    -Pathing is horrific during this entire part of the battle. Running and attacking always results in shortly dancing with the boss, or either the player running from east all the way to western side of the boss before successfully attacking.

    -Verzik's melee attack's are meant to target all surrounding players (AoE). Only if players are directly on a tile next to her.

    -Verzik's Auto attack gfx's on her body are out of sync. Gfx of any attack style should be visible on her body at the same time she is attacking, so at the same time as she lifts her legs. We seem to have a tick delay with this.

    -Verzik isn't attackable during webs, when it should be. Also the tiles around her are a bit off.

    -Webs are meant to despawn quicker than they currently are.

    -Verzik's Ranged projectile damages the player 1 tick too early.

    -Verzik's melee attack uses the gfx of ranged attack. The melee attack is meant to be a quick blue electric shock around players which also differs from the magic gfx.

    -Small green bombs falling during yellow pool activates 1 or 2 ticks too early, resulting in damaging the player while its halfway through the air.

    -The big green ball should be able to be passed through players for ONE round if they stand close enough to each other. About 2-3 tiles difference. When the ball is being passed to the last player of the party it's forced to explode.

    Chest room & Home area:

    -Unique rewards already show up in worldwide chatbox announcements right after Verzik dies. So you already know what you get before opening up the chest. This should be changed to be announced AFTER you open the chest.

    -Chest loot should appear in an interface with the following buttons; Bank all & Take all.

    -Each player of the party should have their own unique chest in the room.

    -Pet drops currently come seperated. Pets are supposed to be rolled along with a unique item.

    -Fix noticeboard to create parties. Also add player ordering of party top left corner of screen.

    -Osrs has a small chest located just 9 tiles north of the two middle Bank booth's in the Theatre home area. This chest is used to grab your loot might you disconnect/or leave the official chest room without claiming your rewards.

    -Allow us to use presets in the Home area of Theatre.

    Death mechanics:

    -Currently when a player dies during a TOB run they are completely kicked out of the entire area. Players who die are meant to be placed in a cage in the outer-ring of the area to view the battle. After the Verzik fight is finished they should also be transported to the chest room.

    -Player's who die should result in losing few of their points

    Drop Rates

    -Point system
    -Purple chest chance's

    The table weighing system jagex uses for ToB:

    This table shows drop rates for achieving a kill with maximum possible points. For every player death, they lose a small portion of their points thus having a chance at purple chest becomes slightly rarer.
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    It's fucked.

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    u had to alot to say all valid points tho

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    Thats what i told korg about droprates 5 times already everyone cba, anyway great post, mate
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    The drop rate for ToB can go as low as 1/15. Factoring in other systems that are used in Battlescape and don't exist on OS such as the Mvp systems which now begin at x2 instead of x4 everything factors in to having the scythe the same/similar rate as osrs. It is only Versik which a 3 man team can clear in under 10 mins. If you want the best odds for yourself a drop then Solo is the way to go.

    A base new regular account has a 1.75x Drop rate boost.

    In your math uniques might be 2x as rare as OSRS but they are also 10x more accessible for all players and 2-3x faster. I highly doubt many players at all who have Tob KC would be able to complete a full ToB run on OS.

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    Thats what i told korg about droprates 5 times already everyone cba, anyway great post, mate
    "Stop crying"

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