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    Aug 2021
    First of all you need lvl 91 slayer and a hellhound task to be able to attack it.

    Cerberus lvl 318 and has a max hit of 23
    Requirement for fast trips are lvl 70 or 80 agility to save time travelling through the dungeon
    Attack 85+ Attack
    Strength 70+ Strength (85+ recommended)
    Defence 85+ Defence
    Ranged 75+ Ranged
    Prayer 70+ Prayer (Piety, 74+ Rigour)

    To get there teleport to Taverly Dungeon with the wizard

    Follow the Red Path if no agility lvl to use shorcuts on maps

    Attack Styles

    Cerberus attacks with all three forms of combat:

    Melee - Cerberus bites the player. This attack will only be used if the player is standing within melee range.
    Ranged - Cerberus stands on her hind legs and kicks out with her front legs, firing a translucent spiky ball.
    Magic - Cerberus lowers her head and fires a smooth black ball.
    All of these attacks can deal up to 23 damage, and can be prayed against to nullify all damage.

    Cerberus Summons 3 souls when hp is under 400
    Red is melee
    Blue is magic
    Green is ranged

    This sould deals 30 dmg if not protected with the correct prayer and drains 30 prayer points regardless you pray correctly
    so its recommended to have over 60 prayer when the souls come out.

    With the runelit plug it will show you the order in which you need to pray

    Using a Spectral Spirit Shield will reduce the dmg to 22 and halve prayer drain from souls to 15 only.

    Cerberus also spit 3 lava pools when he does de GRRRRRRRRRRRRR animation.
    its easy to evade just move the opposite side and you wont take dmg.

    Its recommended to pray Protect from Magic at all times
    You can Melee Cerberus or Range it making you only tanking range and mage hits from Cerberus

    The next gear setup is to equip the best in slot you have.

    Melee setup

    Range Setup

    This is the table drop rate from Cerberus

    Inventory to take
    Sharks or better food

    Good luck and have fun Grinding ur Crystals.

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    Jul 2021
    Damn boy, did not know you could make so good guides. Nice one.

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    Dec 2017
    Good job

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    gayest part is having to slave for 80 agility to get there..

    nice guide tho

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    Mar 2021
    Quote Originally Posted by Mate View Post
    gayest part is having to slave for 80 agility to get there..

    nice guide tho
    Wild slayer ftw

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    Dec 2018
    This might be a bug but you can climb the stairs up to blue dragons as a pseudo shortcut without any agility requirement. Maybe 10-15 seconds longer than the 70 agility tunnel

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    Sep 2021
    good guide thanks

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