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    Dec 2017
    Combat level:276
    Max hit:25 (Melee)
    65 (Dragonfire)

    Attack style:Stab, Dragonfire, Freeze

    King black dragon is a black dragon located in Wilderness, althought it's cave is safe from pkers. KBD counts as a black dragon, so you can complete a black dragon slayer task by killing it.

    Dragonfire Shield, or Anti-Dragon Shield is highly recommended to kill this boss. Anti-venoms (or antidotes) Antifire potions, Super Restores are also recommended.

    How to get there:

    The fastest way to get to KBD is typing ::44s into your chatbox, It will teleport you to the obelisk at level 44 Wilderness.

    You can also buy Ghorrock teleport tabs, or use your Burning amulet and run North.

    Use the lever to get to KBD lair.


    The King Black Dragon can poison you, and it can also reduce your combat stats.

    There are two methods to kill the KBD, melee and ranged.

    Melee method:

    I'd reccomend this over the ranged method, I've found faster with melee than ranging.

    When using the melee method, make sure you have your protection from melee prayer activated, since it can hit up to 25 with melee off prayer. If you have Protect from melee activated, an antidote and an antifire potion, it can barely hit you, you can use monk's robe or initiate armor for the prayer bonus, and since you teleport into the Wilderness you shouldn't bring alot of risk.
    KBD has a very low defence to stab attacks, so when meleeing, it's highly reccomended to bring a stab weapon(Dragon hunter lance is the best, but a Zamorak hasta is also very effective.) Also activate piety.

    Ranged method

    When using the ranged method, make sure to activate your Protect from magic prayer and rigour(or eagle eye) and keep the distance, after drinking a sip from your antidote and antifire potion, it will barely damage you.

    Notice:These gear setups are examples, if you're very confident you can also bring out your best in slot gear.

    Rare loots:

    Notice:the drop rates change depending on account type/donator rank/boosts

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    Fastest way to go to kbd, if donor. Is ::dz purple portal. Kbd puts u next to the ladder at the lever.

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